Who is Technical Experts.

Joint stock Egyptian company

Founded in 2014-01-01 as Web Solutions Inc and programing, Technical Experts is official Joint-stock company enjoys Egyptian nationality.

Our team

Our team of professionals are programmers and designers who have highly efficient and experienced enough to give you an impressive and satisfying result

  • Our team is different from the rest of the people!
  • Inhale love of creativity
  • Sleeping with the codes in our practical experience
  • Wake up in the hope of reaching the ultimate goal for them

Why Technical Experts?

There are many variations of services available


Our team is working on the development of expertise and skill of personal and collective to get to what is in the current day


Matrade and you’ll get as you want in the time you want with precision and professionalism as possible to offer you

Different outlook

What we provide are different from the rest of the companies, where we strive to deliver for the customer what is privileged!